Jessica - Jessica Charleston

So, last Friday I went to the second Chosen Hub event hosted and curated by the brilliant Kiki. I came back to Bath feeling so inspired and buzzing to make positive changes in my business and my life! I can’t recommend this event highly enough to anyone in the wedding business or just starting out. I wish The Hub had been there when I was starting out. I’ve been in business for 8 years and I still learnt so much on Friday! Be inspired! And watch out for the next one!

Tamyrn - Candid Apple

Just being in the room with so many people who are determined to make their business as brilliant as possible is so wonderful. When you work on your own, the chance to get out and know that there are lots of other people just like you is absolutely essential! The whole vibe of the day is perfect – it’s focussed yet laid back, creative and professional.

Amber - Liberty Pearl Photography

It was ALL so inspiring! I loved hearing about people’s journey’s and how they started their business with a dream, passion and lots of determination and now they are successful and happy and love what they do. I loved how everyone was honest in talking about their failures as well as successes. It really helped me realise that ANYTHING is possible and everyone can be successful at something they truly love!

I wrote 21 pages of notes and it was all so hugely inspirational, it has changed the way I think about my business already. I can’t wait to put all the advice into action.

Helena Elliot

For me, the whole day was excellent. It really gave me a boost to get working on my dream. I really enjoyed every talk and found each and every topic just as interesting and as important as the next.

I love the open community feel and feeling so inspired by other people all in the same boat and thank you so much for an absolutely brilliant day! I look forward to seeing you at the next one!

Nikki - Knots & Kisses

Honestly the whole event left me completely inspired to push my business forward. After being in business for just over 5 years I found I had been coasting over the last couple of years and I wasn’t happy with where I was. The speakers almost had me in tears and at the end of the day I felt totally ready to push the business forward.

The total love in the room was utterly amazing. Everyone was there to see everyone else succeed and it was the most amazing feeling seeing everyone else really get inspired – whatever stage their business was at.

The balance of speakers between the ‘inspirational’ and the ‘practical’ was fantastic. Just do more please!

Gail - Glass Oyster

I arrived at The Hub on Friday expecting to hear some great speakers and meet some lovely, like minded people. But little did I know that I would come away from the day refreshed, re-invigorated and totally inspired. Everything about the day had been beautifully thought through. From the wonderful light and airy venue, the oh so pretty venue styling, the fabulous food and the most insightful and inspiring speakers. i travelled home with my head full of the interactions from the day and with one over riding message – to be authentic. Something that I felt I should have been doing but wasn’t quite confident enough to believe it to be true. But now I do. Thank you to everyone involved. You gave us a very uplifting day.

Kate - Kate Cullen Designs

The speakers reignited my passion and drive each in their own individual way – I am more determined than ever to see my business thrive and support others to do the same. That for me was one of the stand out messages of the day – inclusiveness – every single person in that room wanted to see us all do well and take our businesses to the next level. It’s rare to see such truly supportive attitudes amongst such a large group of people. There was so much creative talent it was mind-blowing – you have created a community that I’m honoured and lucky enough to be a part of. It was genuinely one of the best days of my life – watch out 2016!

Emma - Coco Wedding Venues

I just wanted to say a HUGE congrats to you for creating such a beautiful and inspiring day. It was an honour to have been asked to speak but most importantly for me I too came away totally inspired and ready to put some changes into action for my own business. Never stop learning!

Louise - Louse Rose Couture

I found the whole day enjoyable, inspirational and informative! I think one of the key things I have taken away with me is to remember ‘my why’.

I was so excited about The Hub and meeting likeminded people, but I had no idea it was going to completely change the way I look at my business. Working on your own can be tough, and all I kept hearing was ‘if you want to work for yourself, your going to be working every minute of everyday to make it work’. And so I did. Until complete burnout. I completely lost the reason that I had chosen this path for a while. I stepped back from my business for a few months and then The Hub came and exactly the right moment. I needed to get back on track, and I knew I need to make a lot of changes to my business and the way I work in order to make it a success and be happy.

The Hub has totally reminded me that all of this is possible! Also that is it possible to have your dream life without running yourself into the ground. I felt so utterly refreshed to be in a room full of people that get it! To have all the inspirational speakers sharing such valuable information and stories with us was wonderful. I felt so inspired and have so much more clarity now, I have alot of work to do but I know what I need to do!

As well as the amazing content of the day, it was so lovely the way everything had been set up, the styling and attention to detail on everything, completely added to the inspiration and backed up what the day was about!

Thank you Kiki, I don’t think I have ever felt so sure of what I want and I have now lots of baby steps to work towards achieving it. It feels so refreshing. I feel like I have fallen back in love with my business and I cant wait to see where it develops!

Lucy - From Lucy with Love

I was very nervous as my business hasn’t actually launched yet and I was concerned that other people would wonder what I was even doing there but it was so much more welcoming then I could have ever imagined. I felt at ease and on a level with others. I loved the styling of the event and the structure was perfect. The talks weren’t too long and the relaxed atmosphere meant that my usually anxiety in these situations dissipated immediately!

Ayla - Wagtail Films

Thank you so much for a wonderful event, which was classy, informative and inspirational! It covered such a varied range of topics and was relevant to so many different industry professionals.

Fiona - Fiona's Wedding Photography

I have been to a number of workshops over the last few years and not many have offered the variety that was there at the Hub. I really loved the mix of inspiration and practical advice. It was a great day and a pleasure to be there and meet all the other attendees.